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Hope in a crisis

Lake Macquarie

Written by Ben Rees, LAC

Robbie (not his real name) has a psychosocial disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. His functional capacity for daily tasks is severely reduced as a result of past trauma. Both his parents have Type 2 Diabetes, his Mum is recovering from Breast Cancer and his Dad has a heart condition, placing Robbie’s informal supports at risk.

His parents were desperate for support, having experienced an episode that threatened hospitalisation when they left him alone to do the shopping.

Robbie was referred to the Vinnies LAC program for a plan review. From the outset of the meeting, Robbie was distressed and unwilling to engage with any support. We were able to continue the discussion and gauge the seriousness of his need for support.

The Team Leader, Jennie, informed Robbie of the NDIS and gave him time to process his thoughts. I had brought a list of possible Support Providers to the meeting and a shortlist of Behavioural Specialists who could see Robbie before Christmas.

At the second meeting, I supported Robbie to meet with a Support Provider who went through a support agreement and arranged meetings with a support worker chosen by Robbie.

I have since received feedback that everyone is happy with the worker and support hours will increase within Robbie’s current budget. Robbie will continue to engage with a Behavioural Psychologist and his parents have noted that they are really pleased to see some real progress.

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