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Trevor's Story


After recovering from a stroke, Trevor didn’t leave his home for six months. He had frequent falls in the house, and the only way he could get help then was to shout out to neighbours or passing strangers.  

The Newcastle man was living in squalor. He had major mobility problems, and no informal support from family or friends. His personal care worker came only two days per week. Local service providers were unable to provide him with community access, because of his high weight.  

When Jenni Anderson, a Vinnies LAC, visited him to conduct a Plan Review meeting, Trevor told her he slept in a chair due to a broken bed. Jenni also noticed he had ulcers on his leg and knew that Trevor needed immediate medical assistance.  

Jenni arranged for a home visit from Trevor's GP and also arranged for an Occupational Therapist to come to his home within 24 hours to complete an assessment and provide quotes for a new NDIS Plan.

After seeing Trevor's living conditions, his GP arranged for him to go to hospital for 6 weeks where he was connected with physiotherapists, a social worker, nutritionist and rehabilitation experts. 

During his time in hospital, Trevor lost 28 kgs and went from being able to take just 4 steps to walking 100m by himself.  Meanwhile an Occupational Therapist worked with Trevor's service provider to help them deliver his personal care more effectively. 

Throughout this time LAC Jenni worked with Trevor to do a change in circumstances and after his funding increased dramatically, Jenni helped him to implement the plan including obtaining necessary equipment and more daily personal care and rubbish removal.

Trevor's home rehab is ongoing and will continue until he can achieve his personal goal of walking 2km unassisted to the local supermarket where a support worker will help him with the shopping.

Trevor is very positive about the changes in his day to day life which are bringing an end to his extreme isolation. Jenni's commitment to helping Trevor got him the help he needed and gave hope for a brighter future.  

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