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Deborah's story


Deborah received her first NDIS plan shortly after she moved to Tingha.  Her husband/carer Stephen came into the Inverell LAC office to request help with understanding and utilising Deborah’s NDIS plan. They knew they had funding in the plan but they had no idea how to access the support needed. 

Vinnies LAC Toni set an appointment to visit Deborah at her home. She helped Deborah and Stephen understand their budget, identify the support needed, find providers and make contact with providers to request service. 

As a result of Toni's guidance, Deborah connected to an Occupational Therapist, identified an NDIS-registered provider of assistive technology and utilised part of her budget to purchase an off-the-shelf wheelchair and have rails installed in the bathroom. 

Deborah and Stephen now feel confident to implement Deborah’s plan independently and know their LAC will always be there if needed. 

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