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Choice and control


Written by Toni, LAC

Roslyn had been with her service provider for over three years. They provided her services, case management and made all the decisions for her.

Lately, things were not going so well with her support workers and Roslyn made several complaints that she felt were not being heard by her service provider.

I could see Roslyn was not happy, so I told her that she had choice and control over who provides her services and what services she receives. After many months of considering this, Roslyn came to me and asked for help to identify a new provider.

I helped her to visit a number of different services to ask if they could provide the support that she required. Roslyn considered her options and  she made the decision to change provider all by herself.

Her new provider provides the service she wants on the day she has requested and “they even come on time”.

Realising that she has control over her supports and making the change is a big thing for Roslyn. She was very nervous but she remembered what I told her about being able to make her own choices. Roslyn said

“I am so happy I made this decision, it is a big weight off my shoulders”.

As an LAC, I am excited that I had the opportunity to help a participant understand that they have choice and control, and then to watch them take that control and make decisions about the support that they need.

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