Building confidence and connection

Daniel (not his real name), a fifty year old participant with vision impairment, gained his first plan in 2018 with the assistance of his LAC.

During his first plan meeting, his love of music came to light, including his wealth of knowledge in pop music genres from the 70’s to more recent times.

But despite his keen interest in music history, Daniel had no connection to his community and didn’t have an outlet to meet up with other people who shared his interest.

The LAC discussed local trivia events with Daniel and suggested that he might enjoy participating in or facilitating an event. Daniel was hesitant but advised that he would think about it.

Throughout the implementation and monitoring of his first plan, the LAC would ask a pre-prepared pop music question to build Daniel’s confidence in his own knowledge and to encourage him to give trivia a try.

By the time the LAC contacted Daniel to arrange his plan review, Daniel had started attending a local pub each Tuesday for their trivia night; he was attending with two of his friends, and each week would regularly finish first, second or third.

The LAC went above and beyond to connect with Daniel and assist him to build his confidence. Daniel not only improved confidence, but went from being socially isolated to actively participating in his community every week in a way that was enjoyable and demonstrated his value.

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