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Taking the guess work out of going out
The Better Access Map (BAM) is designed to provide you with detailed information about the access features of business and organisations. By providing easy to use information on a broad spectrum of physical, hearing, visual and sensory access needs, BAM gives people with a disability the confidence to go out independently and with dignity.

Using our comprehensive Access At A Glance Symbols, users of the Better Access Map can make decisions with confidence about getting out and about in our communities.
Person using BAM on the road to find a place that caters physical, hearing, visual and sensory access needs.

The Access at a Glance symbols

Our Access at a Glance symbols have been designed in consultation with people with a disability and represent accessibility and inclusion information that they told us would be good to know "at a glance." The symbols are designed to cover a broad spectrum of needs and be instantly recognisable.
Sensory Friendly- Low Light and Sound symbolHome Delivery symbolText to Speech Available symbolPicture Menu symbolOpen Captions Available SymbolRecharge Phone SymbolRecharge scooter symbolBraille Available SymbolAccessible Entrance
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Our Story

The idea for the Better Access Map originated in work completed by St Vincent de Paul Society's Ability Links program. From their work with people with a disability, their families and carers, Linkers identified a gap in the availability of reliable information about the accessibility of the built environment. Initially, Ability Links begun research into assessments of venues and whether the gathered information would be useful in supporting people with a disability to be more active in their community.

The initial testing was a success, receiving a great deal of interest from businesses, peak bodies and people with a disability. It became clear that all people benefit from having reliable information that allows us to choose what to do and where to go quickly and easily. The Better Access Map smartphone application positioned the project at the forefront of a movement for social inclusion, promoting accessibility in communities throughout NSW. From 2022 onwards our focus has been on expanding the reach and accessibility of this project across Australia.

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